Noxious Weeds


One invasive weed that can be identified during the winter and spring is common tansy. Tansy is a noxious weed under the Saskatchewan Weed Control Act. Common tansy is a perennial weed with a tap root, fern-like leaves, and yellow-button flowers. Common tansy is a tall weed that is found along roadsides and in forage areas. A unique quality about this weed is that its growth remains standing in winter. The plant, with its shriveled leaves and seed heads can be seen standing above the snow. This is a great identification tool during the winter months to determine if common tansy is present in your RM.

If you see this weed, please notify the RM, so that we can take the appropriate actions.

Tansy Weed
Tansy Weed In Summer
Tansy Weed Winter
Tansy Weed Winter