Policy 100-02

Rural Municipality of Loon Lake No. 561

Communication Policy

  1. Communication must be received in writing preferably on prescribed “Form A” attached to this policy.
  2. All written communications shall be reviewed by the administrator.
  3. Once a written communication has been reviewed, the Administrator shall forward copies to:
    a. Respective Division Councilor if applicable to a specific area.
    b. Maintenance Foreman if regarding repair and maintenance of roadways
    c. Reeve if communication is regarding council, office staff, maintenance staff or RM policy and procedures
  4. Investigation if required shall be done on all written communications in a timely manner.
  5. All written communications and applicable investigation reports shall be presented to council at their next regular meeting.
  6. Council may postpone discussion if required to facilitate the assembly of additional information from legal counsel, staff or any other organization or individual it deems necessary.
  7. Upon review and resolution of council, the administrator shall reply to all written communications in writing within 5 business days of the council meeting.
  8. Effective Date/Repeal
    This policy will come into effect on December 10, 2020 unless otherwise specified and shall be implemented as outlined in this policy. This policy repeals and replaces all resolutions and any policies pertaining to communication and replaces all past practices.
    This policy may only be amended or repealed by resolution of Council.


For communication details, please include relevant dates, times etc., if applicable.
Note that you can attach relevant files through the link below.
If you have provided an email address in the form you will receive a copy after its submission.