Clean, Drain, Dry Your Boat

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment is working to raise awareness and protect Saskatchewan Waterways from harmful aquatic invasive species, including Zebra Mussels and Quagga Mussels.

Zebra Mussels
Zebra Mussels On Boat Prop

Aquatic invasive species are non-native animals or plants that can be spread through water or by attaching to watercraft, trailers, and related equipment.

Here’s how you can help protect Saskatchewan waters from Aquatic Invasive Species. Before returning home from out of province, coming to visit or moving between waters within the province make sure to:


  • Clean and inspect your watercraft, trailer, equipment and all related gear.
  • Remove all visible plants, animals and mud before leaving the boat launch area.
  • Inspect drain holes, transducers, motors, propellers, including the trailer and vehicle.
  • Wash, scrub or rinse using hot tap water away from storm drains, ditches, and waterways.


  • On land before leaving the boat launch area, drain all on-board water from motor, livewells, bilge, ballast tanks, etc.
  • Flush with hot tap water away from storm drains, ditches and waterways.
  • Leave plugs out during transport and storage.


  • Dry your watercraft, equipment and all related gear between trips, while leaving compartments open to dry.