Apply for Tourism Saskatchewan’s Achieving AWEsome Program

Tourism Saskatchewan is committed to fostering the development of distinctly unique tourism experiences. Its application-based Achieving AWEsome program supports new experience providers through the complete development process – from concept to promotion to delivery.

Achieving AWEsome aligns with the 10-year Destination Development Strategy for Saskatchewan’s tourism sector. It combines training activities, consultation and support for developing new tourism experiences in one program that is subsidized and affordable for the successful applicants.

Ideal candidates are people with no previous background in developing or delivering a tourism experience to the travelling public; who have an interesting story to share, and; are willing to invest time and resources into creating an interactive, hands-on guest experience.

Review the program details and apply by August 15.

For additional information, contact Corrina Kapeller at 306-812-8882, or email  or Denise Stroeder at 306-787-2825, or email